Tuscan Style Kitchen Decor Ideas Today

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Tuscan Style Kitchen DIY

Motifs of Tuscan style kitchen today are easy to accomplish. Especially for the walls, stenciling makes a simple and inexpensive finishing touch. You can apply the way just like how professional designers and home decorators often do. Versatility of the motifs can give really fabulous kitchen with understate elegance of old world.

Contemporary and rustic, the combination of the styles gives informal touch into your kitchen. Adding visual interest and accents in the kitchen is just easy to do it by yourself.

Decorative artwork with classic motifs of Tuscan kitchen decor on the walls reflects the Italian flora and the region of Mediterranean. Olive groves are now coming with real Tuscany motifs in colors such as gray-green color. This is for sure to create the spectrum of hues of Tuscan color palette. Other motifs are grapevine, acanthus leaves, bowls of fruit and even birds.

However, not all Tuscan motifs represent naturalism. Italian villas, farmhouses roman urns, classical statues and more are available for some alternative options. In achieving Tuscan style kitchen, earthy tones such as burnt oranges, taupe, earthy reds, rich creams and dusky pink are awesome. You can also apply the color of blues and subtle greens.

It is a strong quality by blending the stencil motif with the background. Standing out is surely to avoid. To give really antique look of Tuscan theme, the technique of faux painting is nice. This is good idea for a Tuscan kitchen design on a budget in decorating the walls.

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